#roofingseason has arrived

Welcome to the #2014 #roofingseason .

Following the longest #winter in over 40 years, Calgarians are tired and weary from the cold.

The #2014FarmersAlmanac is calling for an ‘unseasonably dry April and May for 2014’.

By far the most reliable weather forecast we know of (seriously) perhaps you should take a second look at your house priorities .

Don’t let your roof risk it’s way through a rainy June. Call or email today for a #FREEQuote.

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Whenever I use an IKO-Cambridge architectural asphalt shingle, I always accompany it with #RhinoRoof. This high-profile shingle underlay is a great value for my dollar as a contractor.

A synthetic, 15-pound underlayment (only to be used with an #asphalt shingle) means say goodnight to traditional felt paper. This felt replacement is yet to disappoint me.

Here are some of the characteristics of #RhinoRoof:

-Meets ASTM D226 & D4869
-25 x Stronger than 15 lb roofing felt
-6 squares more per roll compared to 15 lb roofing felt
-Ease of installation – wider, lighter, more coverage per lap
-Synthetic construction is impervious to mold growth
-Lays flat and does not absorb water and wrinkle
-Enhanced UV protection
-No oil leaching – no hazardous material content
-Fiber grip slip-resistant walking surface
-Advanced backside non-slip coating
-Low temperature flexibility

Made by Interwrap – a name you can trust.

Visit www.interwrap.com for more info on this and other products.

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#IKO-Cambridge architectural shingle

There are a wide variety of American, Canadian and internationally manufactured asphalt shingles on the market.

They all have similar manufacturers’ warranties, wind protection, algae protection and durability, with some slight variances, depending on what you’re looking for.

For years I have used an IKO-Cambridge architectural shingle. While I am open to other products and would always place my customer’s request in top-priority position, I have had an overall good experience with IKO-Cambridge.

The price: reasonable. The curb appeal: reasonable (accentuated with HP, high profile, ridge capping for sure). The iron-clad manufacturer’s warranty: above average: visit www.iko.com and select their ‘IKO Unified Warranty Booklet’ to learn more.

Above all, whichever contractor you choose, ensure that there is some type of limited workmanship warranty (three-seven years is standard), that they are knowledgeable on provincial/state building codes and that they are insured. Roofing is a dangerous industry. Insurance from your contractor is an absolute must.

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With frigid temperatures and unforgiving winds, this isn’t the easiest time of the years to climb atop a #roof.

Nevertheless, Rippy’s Roofing is here,
So never fear. Leaky roof? New project? Time for a facelift?

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Cheers to #craftsmanship
There is no better feeling than celebrating, where #roofing is concerned, a good job, well done an for the right price.

That’s how we operate @rippysroofing. Top-quality #craftsmanship is the centre of our work. We pride ourselves in our competitive pricing, #awesome workmanship and quality products.

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