Whenever I use an IKO-Cambridge architectural asphalt shingle, I always accompany it with #RhinoRoof. This high-profile shingle underlay is a great value for my dollar as a contractor.

A synthetic, 15-pound underlayment (only to be used with an #asphalt shingle) means say goodnight to traditional felt paper. This felt replacement is yet to disappoint me.

Here are some of the characteristics of #RhinoRoof:

-Meets ASTM D226 & D4869
-25 x Stronger than 15 lb roofing felt
-6 squares more per roll compared to 15 lb roofing felt
-Ease of installation – wider, lighter, more coverage per lap
-Synthetic construction is impervious to mold growth
-Lays flat and does not absorb water and wrinkle
-Enhanced UV protection
-No oil leaching – no hazardous material content
-Fiber grip slip-resistant walking surface
-Advanced backside non-slip coating
-Low temperature flexibility

Made by Interwrap – a name you can trust.

Visit www.interwrap.com for more info on this and other products.

Visit www.rippysroofing.com if you live in the Calgary (#yyc) or #Cochrane area and are in need of a #free no-pressure estimate today.

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