#roofingseason has arrived

Welcome to the #2014 #roofingseason .

Following the longest #winter in over 40 years, Calgarians are tired and weary from the cold.

The #2014FarmersAlmanac is calling for an ‘unseasonably dry April and May for 2014’.

By far the most reliable weather forecast we know of (seriously) perhaps you should take a second look at your house priorities .

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Roofing season approaching

As #yyc roofing season approaches, maybe it’s time to start thinking about the state of your #roof…

Is everything intact above your abode? Is there a potential for leaks this spring season? Has the inevitable time for a new roof arrived?

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Cheers to #craftsmanship
There is no better feeling than celebrating, where #roofing is concerned, a good job, well done an for the right price.

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#yyc roofing

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#yyc roofing services may have you calling us for a simple repair, a complete re-roof or that personal touch on your new construction project.

Specializing in asphalt shingles, we also do cedar shake and metal roofing.

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Calgary roofing tip

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But of course! It’s your roof. If you don’t work from the top down how can you be sure anything underneath will be safe or water proof?

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Roofing number one Reno

It’s normal to want a pretty bathroom or a vibrant kitchen as soon as you take possession of your new, albeit in need of some updating, home…

But before you do any of that, stop and think: how’s my roof? I mean really, how’s my roof?

Cause that new backsplash, the new paint job, that spiffy new hardwood floor? It means nothing after water damage from leaks in your roof.

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